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Welcome to the World of Philmann Dark

Some short facts about me

Some short facts about me

Size 2 Meters
Hair color Dark Brown, almost black
Eye color Blue-Gray
Hobbies Communication
Current Occupation First Contact Officer
Current body Planetdestroyer #13
Age of current body 86'483 Earth years as of 1.1.1970


What does Current body mean?

I'm an immortal life form. My origins go way back to beginning of the universe. Unfortunately, nothing material can stand the test of time so my bodies deteriorate and I'm forced to seek a new host.

I'm not a prasitic lifeform, though. I don't remove the former owner of the body but instead form a symbiosis with them. Usually, the hosts evolve over time (or rather their souls do). When the body of the host finally becomes inhabitable, the former owner of the host has evolved that much that (s)he has no urges to posess a body anymore (which would end in a struggle for control of the next body).

The advantage for someone to form a symbiosis with him is that we grant protection and psychic abilities (some would call this magic but that's a very imprecise term) to the new host who in turn uses them to influence his/her surroundings. Our current host, for example suffers from a computer virus, which has destroyed the other PDs during the last years of the great galactic war. By protecting him against the virus, we both get what we want.

Where do you originally come from?

I came to be on a small, nameless planet which was destroyed long ago when one of the eight suns it circulated turned into a Super Nova. My race (about 300 beings) died with its planet.


The term is more slang than real. We're not like the big energy projectors that you saw in the Star Wars movies. What's the point in blowing up a perfectly good planet? Instead, our modus operandi was to extinct the population on the surface of the planet or to drive it away.

And did you?

During the great galactic war, I destroyed three major populations (actually drove them into extinction) and wiped out the populations of 377 planets. I was responsible for 5'300'475'000'000 +/- 1% casualties.

*ulp* And your job here?

After the great war, I was cleaning hazardous zones (mine fields and other relicts of the great war). It is generally accepted that I contributed a major part to the rebuilding of the civilizations that we see in the galaxy today.

My current occupation is that of a First Contact officer (FCO). FCOs seek emerging civilizations in our galaxy and protect them against external influences (technology smugglers or people who use our advances in social sciences to influence primitive sociologies).

After the systems are sealed off, we wait until the civilization has evolved to a point where they have enough internal stability to survive the contact with a much advanced one. This is usually the around the time when a civilization begins to build the first colonies on other planets because this step takes a lot of energy and therefore needs a very broad support in the members of the civilization in question. This means that the internal struggles which usally destroy a civilization when it makes first contact with an advanced one, must have been resolved or are at least under control.

Unfortunately, the evolution from a civilization, in which greed and agression are major driving forces, to the next level is usually one which is accompanied with a lot of turmoil because some of the most powerful or influential beeings of such civilizations have come to their positions because they were the most greedy and aggressive. Beeing greedy and agressive, they distrust the change and try to prevent it. Even if they know the futility of the attempt, beeing what they are forces them to still try to prevent this change to the worse for them.

What do you especially like on Earth?

I enjoy the creativity and power of young civilizations a lot. I like to be surprised by new ways to do things and, just like parents, I'm proud if my civilization has climbed another step on their own. Unlike real parents, I usually don't teach or influence; I'm only observing. Noting things.

This has lead to some confusion in the past. Usually, people blame me for not stepping in and preventing damage. This is a charge against which I don't defend because of two things: First, people who blame this on me, are usually in an agitated state and talking to them is pointless. Secondly, if you can't do mistakes, then you cannot learn and thus, evolve. Preventing a child to burn its hands makes them careless.

So please don't blame me for giving you the chance to learn.

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